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  • The Singapore Women's Weekly

    "I Had My Third Baby At 45 After Being Told I Was Premenopausal" - Andrea Chow

    Despite her age, Andrea Chow experienced the most enjoyable pregnancy journey—and she credits it to a customised health makeover courtesy of her job.

    Her radiance was unmistakable, a fair rosy glow and sparkling eyes that a Zoom filter can’t possibly impart. It was hard to tell that Andrea Chow had just given birth eight months ago at the not-so-pinkish age of 45. She’s also an uber hands-on mum to her third baby.

    “My husband thought I was crazy when I suspected I was pregnant,” recalls Andrea who made him run out to get a test kit at 11pm. Her period was by then about five days late. “I was not going to be able to sleep if I did not find out.”

    Rest was definitely not on their minds when the couple saw the two red lines on the test kit. The idea of being

  • The Straits Times

    Unpacking the power of protein: How much to eat and when

    By The Straits Times, Sept 2022

    SINGAPORE – Professional mixed martial arts fighter Amir Khan trains for three to four hours daily to keep fighting fit. The 28-year-old’s training regimen includes bouts of muay thai, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, wrestling, lifting weights and running.

  • The Peak Magazine

    Hack your health to slow down the ageing process

    By LAUREN TAN, Editor In Chief, The Peak magazine

    Leading expert in longevity medicine Prof Brian Kennedy helps people live longer, healthier, disease-free lives. But what’s the maximum life expectancy of humans? No one really knows.

    The elixir of immortality may be a myth, but a combination of lifestyle habits, dietary and nutraceutical intake and other longevity interventions can lower one’s biological age — “meaning they are likely to stay healthy longer,” says Brian Kennedy, Distinguished Professor of biochemistry and physiology at NUS Yong Yoo Lin School of Medicine and Chief Scientific Director of therapeutics firm Regenosis.

    A heavyweight in longevity medicine (or geroscience), the former President and CEO of the Buck Institute for Research on Aging has committed his career to