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  • MoneyFM 89.3 : Interview with Dato Shaun Lim, Co-Founder & Managing Director for Regenosis

    Mind Your Business: Transitioning into a new niche field, entrepreneurial journey with geroscience

    According to the Ministry of Health, one in two Singaporeans aged 65 could become severely disabled in their lifetime. In response to this, there has been strong emphasis on healthy ageing and taking a proactive and preventive approach towards ailments and diseases that come with old age. How could the world of geroscience be able to tackle biological ageing and extend one's healthspan? Dato Shaun Lim, Co-Founder & Managing Director, Regenosis shares more.

  • World Stem Cell Submit

    Defying death: Japan and Singapore lead Asia’s stem cell research race

    By LOUIS RAYMOND, Contributing writer Nikkei Asia

    A continental race within a global race? Here’s the byline- “In the world’s fastest-aging societies, regenerative therapies attract the rich and curious.” There’s way too much info to unpack from from this lengthy article from #NikkeiAsia. Bottom line is that #regenerativemedicine, as it relates to #geroscience is thriving Asia. Overcoming the certain stem cell scandals in Korea and Japan, the article declares that field is exploding. Evidence of such growth is Singapore’s #Regenosis that boasts it’s out to “challenge the norms of how illnesses and age-related diseases are viewed and treated, with diagnoses, procedures and therapies based on the latest biotechnologies.” Interesting warnings from professor emeritus at #KyotoU

  • Robb Report Singapore

    Regenosis uses cutting-edge Geroscience biotechnology to combat aging

    Chua Joel 15 August, 2022

    Imagine a world without aging: Graceful bodies embalmed in the flower of youth, bursting with vitality, buoyant with meaning and joy. While this utopian fantasy might seem lifted from the pages of a science fiction novel, it is in fact an increasingly feasible trajectory. According to professor Brian Kennedy, chief scientific officer at Regenosis and director of the Centre for Healthy Longevity at the National University of Singapore (NUS), aging is “modifiable” – a relatively modest term for an otherwise lofty ambition to halt, even reverse, aging.

  • Nikkei Asia

    Defying death: Japan and Singapore lead Asia's stem cell research race

    LOUIS RAYMOND, Contributing writer AUGUST 3

    SINGAPORE -- Businessman Dato Shaun Lim was a successful real estate mogul until he suddenly decided to switch careers in 2019. Flicking through the movie list on an international flight, he chanced to watch a documentary about "geroscience" -- the study of aging and how it can be stopped. That struck Lim as a rather good business proposition. Later that year, Lim would co-found Regenosis, a clinic and geroscience research company, devoted to stem cell therapies designed to halt or reverse the aging process.

    Today, the fruits of Lim's investment can be found at the Southern end of the Malay Peninsula, in the city of Iskandar Puteri, which is mostly home to people working in downtown Singapore,