Frequently Asked Questions

How was Rejuvant developed?

Rejuvant was developed by Ponce De Leon Health, in conjunction with the Buck Institute for Research on Aging.

How and when should I take Rejuvant?

We recommend taking a dose (2 tablets) in the morning with or without food.

Can I take Rejuvant with my medications or other health supplements?

When taking Rejuvant, we recommend 2-hours apart from other supplements or medications.

Can I feel the effects?

While Rejuvant was developed to improve healthspan, the mechanisms by which that happens have some noticeable benefits. Most users feedback that they experienced an increase in mental focus and clarity, improved exercise tolerance, heightened physical stamina, and better sleep cycles.

How long does it take to feel the effects?

Usually people start to feel the short-term positive effects within a few weeks. We've found DNA demethylation and senescent cell signal moderation usually take 6-9 months, and continues thereafter.

What are the side effects?

The safety of the primary ingredients in Rejuvant has been demonstrated in humans by clinical studies with a wide dose-range and use in the food supply for decades. No adverse events have ever been reported.

What makes Rejuvant different than other products?

While there is no product like ours on the market, other longevity and healthspan products lack the data to show an actual delay in the onset of frailty and an increase in healthspan. Other products promoting similar benefits don’t address aging in the four ways Rejuvant does: ammonia detox, DNA demethylation, ATP conservation, and senescent cell inflammaging.

Why is there a men’s and woman’s formulation?

Our data showed that different combinations work differently for each gender’s biology, so we created formulations that have the strongest positive effect on healthspan for each.

I was told there are different clocks. What clock do you use to measure my age?

There are several different clocks out there that measure biological age. The most reputable biological clocks use methylation markers. We use TruMe Labs, who has developed and validated their own proprietary clock.

How many CpG sites do you test for?

We test for 4 genomic locations and island sites. Several other tests available use hundreds of loci, including those we know have little impact on aging. Most other tests require blood and/or urine. Testing such a number of loci reduces MAD, or mean absolute deviation, increasing accuracy. However, testing high numbers of loci makes those tests expensive. Our saliva test is affordable, and with only a small increase in MAD. For example, the Horvath Clock MAD is ~3.5 years with blood and urine, our saliva test MAD is only slightly higher at 4.6.

How do you protect my data?

TruMe is an independent lab. The data at TruMe is transferred to the lab via secure connections and data is not stored online. All customers’ raw data is stored on a secure local server, which is HIPPA compliant. The TruMe web interface is also HIPPA compliant. It is noteworthy to say this is not a ‘whole-genome’ test, and therefore your data does not have any identifying information.

I see varying fluid types on the market. Do you offer different types of sample types (blood, saliva, urine), if so why?

TruMe extracts DNA from the buccal cells found readily in your saliva. Saliva has an advantage, as the DNA can be stabilized on the provided collection card which preserves the DNA through a wide variety of conditions. The effects of temperature, moisture, and time are minimized with this method.

In Rejuvant’s effort to make an effective product truly made for the mass market, we chose this as an affordable test where even consumers in remote locations all over the globe can benefit.

We recommend customers to get a true baseline from the start, and another after 6 months. This is unique to longevity products, and the supplement industry as a whole. Pilot data shows an average reduction of 8.5 years with our product.

The DNA methylation test can be purchased separately. We do offer one complimentary DNA methylation test with purchase of 1-Year Rejuvant Supply.

How is LifeAKG different from AKG?

We designed the product very specifically, as our tests with other forms of AKG did not show as strong of a response. We introduced a proprietary sustained release matrix into the final product, which ensures Rejuvant gets to the gut, where its actually being used. This replicates the condition of the study which showed lifespan and healthspan benefits. No other AKG has shown that it can do what LifeAKG can do, We found that commonly available AKG dissolves within 15-20 minutes, before it ever gets close to the gut. If the AKG doesn’t get to the gut, it does not have a measurable effect.

Also, we knew that no available AKG that had a purity higher than 75%-80%, as it was a chemical process problem. We retooled the manufacturing process with the goal of making a high-purity ingredient, which is now patent-pending, to increase the purity to USP (98% pure) standards.

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What are modes of payment?

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