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Product Information

Everything you need to get started. This Complete Set will see you through the first 28 days of your skin rejuvenation cycle and begin your journey to brighter, even and younger looking skin.

During clinical trials, The Lightening Serum proved to have better Skin Melanin Index reductions than a leading market brand after 1 month of consistent use!

Unlike other products, The Lightening Serum is designed and formulated for Southeast Asian Skin. It does not ‘bleach’ your skin from the surface down but starts at the root cause – the production of melanin when your skin cells are forming.

Infused with the power of Po3™, The Lightening Serum works with the skins natural 28-day rejuvenation cycle. This unique combination of active ingredients targets both the metabolic and the signalling pathway controlling melanin production – telling your new skin cells to halt excess melanin production.

First visible results within 14 days, with the biggest measured pigment reduction occurring in an average adults’ skin between 14 and 28 days.

No preservatives, parabens or silicones
No animal-derived ingredients
Not tested on animals; only on willing humans
Lightweight, water-based formulation

Contains 3 main active ingredients

- Cocoa seed extract
- Sodium Saccharin
- Panax Ginseng Root Extract

We encourage you to take a photo every time you finish a cartridge to track your results! Recommended application: Twice a day, morning and night.

28³® Complete Set including Dispenser includes

Magnetic Stand
Travel Cap
4 Serum Cartridges (14 doses per cartridge)